Teacher expectations:
  • be prompt
  • be prepared
  • no eating
  • cell phones on silent
  • be respectful/ be caring
  • be fair and consistent
  • maintain contact with parents
  • update class wikis regularly

Student expectations:
  • no eating in class (including chewing gum)
  • cell phones on silent
  • come prepared (notebook, folder, pen, pencil)
  • be prompt
  • be respectful (teacher, classmates, yourself, equipment)
  • be active and engaged
  • be responsible for your learning (meet homework deadlines, ask for clarification)
  • be responsible to make up missed work due to absences

Parent expectations:
  • Ensure your child is on time
  • support student expectations
  • keep up to date with school activities & events via wikis
  • please feel free to contact me

Homework expectations: